Archived Events List

Wednesday 14th August 2013, Auckland

Topic: Auckland Council’s policy document relating to Protection from Fire

Presented by: Rose McLaughlan (Manager, Training & Quality Assurance, Building Policy, Auckland Council)


Wednesday 24th July 2013, Auckland

Topic: What fire designers need to know about fire fighter operations

Presented by: NZ Fire Service operational staff


Wednesday 20th March 2013, Christchurch Topic: Spill plumes Presented by:  Dr Roger Harrison, AECOM, UK


Wednesday 13th March 2013, Auckland

Tuesday 19th March 2013, Wellington 

Topic:Introduction to proposed changes in Sprinkler Standard NZS4541: what fire designers should be aware of.

Presented by:  Chris Mak, Technical Services Manager, AON New Zealand

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October 15th and 16th 2012, Auckland and Christchurch Topic: Fire engineering in London: Overview of a trio of projects on the theme “thinking laterally, thinking ahead” Presented by: Judith Schulz, Fire Engineering Associate, Arup Fire, London meeting summary

September 12th 2012, Auckland  Topic: Photoluminescent signage & Fire stopping (joint meeting) Presented by: Mark Watson & Trevor Dimond (Ecoglo International); Ron Green (Building Compliance and Fire Consulting Ltd)

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June 13th 2012, Auckland Topic: Interactive Workshop to constructively discuss application of the new C/VM2 Verification Method Panel discussion This meeting was an interactive discussion to discuss issues relating to application of C/VM2. The focus was on collective constructive discussion on how these changes will impact on fire engineering application – to uncover traps and pitfalls, ambiguities, etc.  Issues raised at the meeting will form part of the questions and answers to be published by Dept of Building and Housing in an FAQ format.

May, June 2012 (various locations)

One day workshop – Fire Design using the New Verification Method C/VM2 One day workshops on the new Verification Method C/VM2 (to be used with the new Building Code Clause C Protection from Fire) were presented jointly by IPENZ in partnership with the Department of Building and Housing.

March 2012, various locations

Seminars on Practice Note 22: Guidelines for Documenting Fire Safety Designs

The SFPE (NZ Chapter) partnered with the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) and the Institution of Professional Engineers NZ (IPENZ) to develop the IPENZ Practice Note 22 – Guidelines for Documenting Fire Safety Design.  The Guidelines provide guidance about how fire design should be communicated and documented, including providing evidence of design methodology.  The Practice Note is relevant for designs that are prepared either in compliance with the Acceptable Solutions or by specific design.  Good quality design documentation makes building consent processes easier for the applicant, their designers and Building Consent Authorities (BCAs).

Seminars on this Practice Note and what it means were held across the country in March in Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland, presented by Debbie Scott and Martin Feeney. The seminars discussed: • Benefits of good documentation • recommendations for general format and content of fire design documentation for clear communication of the design intent • practical examples of how the guidelines are applied into the fire designer’s and building design team’s daily practice and for design co-ordination

The target audience was fire engineers, fire designers, Building Consent Authority staff and others involved in regulatory review and approval of fire safety design, architects and architectural designers, project managers, building owners, fire protection contractors and any other users of fire engineering design services and fire safety design documents.


February 08 2012, Auckland  Topic: Smoke detection sensitivity – a practical guide Presented by: Rob Fenton and David Percy, (Pertronics Industries) meeting summary 


November 22 2011, Auckland  Topic: Christchurch Earthquake February 2011 – Urban Search & Rescue Operations Presented by: Dr. Jeff Matthews (Senior Project Engineer, Holmes Consulting Group, Auckland)

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October 12 2011, Auckland  Topic: An update on the Auckland Council fire safety regulatory approval processes Presented by: Dr. Tony Parkes (Fire Engineering Consultant – Auckland Council) meeting summary


August 10 2011, Auckland  Topic: Perfecting the Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) Process Presented by: Claire Bulmer (Fire Engineering Team Leader – Auckland, NZ Fire Service) meeting summary


July 13 2011, Auckland 

Topic: Fire Safety Systems Commissioning – The Missing Link Presented by: Chris Mak (Aon Sprinkler Certification) and Robert Peart (Fire Consultants Ltd) meeting summary


July 7 2011, Christchurch Topic: Fire safety in multi-storey timber buildings Presented by:  a panel of local and international speakers with research expertise on this topic


June 8 2011, Auckland Topic: Interaction of smoke layer and sprinkler spray Presented by: Kaiyuan Li, PhD candidate, University of Canterbury meeting summary


May 11 2011, Auckland

Topic: Performance of timber-concrete composite floors in fire

Presented by: James O’Neill, PhD candidate, University of Canterbury

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April 13 2011, Auckland

Topic: Use of flexible droppers in sprinkler systems

Presented by: Richard Brand, Beca Consultants

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April 7 2011, Auckland

Topic: A Guide to the Abuse of Fire Models

Presented by: Associate Professor Charles Fleischmann

Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering University of Canterbury

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March 9 2011, Auckland

Topic: Pro-active Hypoxic Fire Protection

Presented by: Paul Clements, Clements Consultants Ltd

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February 9 2011, Auckland

Topic: Sprinkler System Performance – Darfield Earthquake 4 September 2010

Presented by: Chris Mak, Sprinkler Certification Manager, AON

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December 13 2010, Christchurch (rescheduled from 7th Sept)

Topic: Limitations of Zone Models and CFD Models for Natural Smoke Filling in Large Spaces

Presented by: Bong Wen Jiann, University of Canterbury

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November 23 2010, Auckland (AGM)

Topic: Structural fire engineering in the UK Presented by: Dr. Tony Abu, University of Canterbury meeting summary

October 13 2010, Auckland

“Proposals to change the Building Code requirements and associated documents for protection from fire” Presented by: Nick Saunders, Dept of Building & Housing meeting summary

September 08 2010, Auckland

“Fire Engineering beyond the Building Code” Presented by: Neil Gravestock, Principal – Risk Consulting Practice, Marsh Ltd, Auckland meeting summary

August 11 2010, Auckland

“Are South African buildings as safe as New Zealand buildings?” Presented by: Peter Reddin, Fire Designs Ltd, Hamilton meeting summary

May 12 2010, Auckland

“Guidelines for Fire Design Documentation” Presented by: Martin Wootton, Beca Fire & Michael Dixon, Stephenson & Turner meeting summary

April 14 2010, Auckland

“Designing for arson fires” Presented by: Paul RIchards, Beca Fire meeting summary

March 17 2010, Tauranga

“Human Movement in Fire” Presented by: Jake Pauls DVD presentation

March 10 2010, Auckland

“Human Behaviour and Contents: Missing Elements in the Fire Safety Equation” Presented by: Dr. Ian Miller, Heindall Consulting Ltd meeting summary


February 10 2010, Auckland

“Learning from real fires” Presented by: Peter Wilding meeting summary

November 10 2009, Auckland

“Hospital Operating Theatre fire, Hamilton” Presented by: Debbie Scott meeting summary

October 14 2009, Auckland

“Fire engineering design of the University of Auckland Business School” Presented by: Richard Brand meeting summary

August 12 2009, Auckland

“Fires in fast food outlets” Presented by: Malcolm McGill meeting summary


July 9 2009, Christchurch


“Modelling Design Fires for Road Tunnel Ventilation Systems” Presented by: Mun Kit Cheong meeting summary


July 8 2009, Auckland

DVD presentation of “Human Movement in Fire and Related Emergencies” Presented by: Jake Pauls (video of seminar presented in Christchurch April 2008) meeting summary


June 10 2009, Auckland/Tauranga/Wellington/Christchurch

“Fire Engineering Design – Process & Documentation” Presented by: Martin Wootton, Manager, Beca Fire International meeting summary

May 19 2009, Christchurch May 13 2009, Auckland

“Santa Delivers Large Fires”

Presented by: Ed Claridge and Tim O’Brien, NZ Fire Service

meeting summary

March 11 2009, Auckland

“Human Movement in Fire and Related Emergencies”

Presented by: Jake Pauls

(video of seminar presented in Christchurch April 2008)

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February 11 2009, Auckland

“Thermal Spill Plume Entrainment”

Presented by: Roger Harrison, PhD Student, University of Canterbury

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December 9 2008, Auckland

“Data Structures and Reduction Techniques for Fire Tests”

Presented by: Daniel Tobeck, Arup Fire, Perth

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November 11 2008, Auckland

“Injecting Common Sense into Building & Resource Consent Law”

Presented by: Hon. Dr. Nick Smith, National Party Spokesperson for Building & Construction

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November 5 2008, Christchurch

“NIST Analysis of the Station Night Club Fire”

Presented by: Daniel Madrzykowski, Building and Fire Research Laboratory

National Institute of Standards and Technology

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October 2008, Christchurch

ME Case Study Presentations (various topics)

Presented by: MEFE Students, University of Canterbury

October 8 2008, Auckland

“The Tamahere Fire”

Open Forum discussion

meeting summary

August 13 2008, Auckland

“Fire Safety and Hazardous Substances”

Presented by: ERMA representative, Environmental Risk Management Authority

meeting summary

July 9 2008, Auckland

“Fire Brigade Intervention Model”

Presented by: Simon Davis, NZ Fire Service

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