How Complex is Complex?

A key aspect your IPENZ Competence Assessors will look into when reviewing your CPEng application is the complexity of the examples presented.

It is important to note that while many BCA’s require that only Chartered Professional Engineers can submit verification method design work. This does not mean that all verification design work is sufficiently complex to be used as an example in a Chartership application. By reviewing the IPENZ complexity definitions it can be seen that the majority of Verification Method Designs fall into the IPENZ well and broadly defined definitions.

It is essential to provide examples of complex engineering activities in line with the definitions published by IPENZ in any CPEng application such that the panel can progress your application as a Chartered Professional Engineer.

On completion of your Self Assessment form it is recommended you revisit the definition of complex to ensure you have adequately highlighted the complex activities

Note: We understand that the BCA’s decision to require Chartered Professional engineers to undertake Verification Method design work is intended to ensure should a design become complex the designer is fully able to understand and address the risks appropriately.