Membership Classes

Friend of the New Zealand Chapter

Membership of the NZ Chapter in this class requires no formal qualification or any particular level of experience. It secures a place on the NZ Chapter mailing list, invitations to Chapter meetings, copies of newsletters, technical papers etc. Friends of the Chapter do not have voting rights and are not eligible to stand for election to positions on the Executive Committee (although they are able to assist with Chapter activities if co-opted). Membership of the NZ Chapter as a Friend does not qualify as membership of SFPE in any way.

Affiliate Membership of SFPE International

Is available to all who support the goals and objectives of SFPE. Membership starts immediately upon application. This is a common starting grade of membership with full benefits.

Associate Membership of SFPE International

Is available to graduates of an engineering program, or equivalent experience in practice. Many affiliates upgrade their membership to this level.

Professional Membership of SFPE International

Is available to graduates of an engineering program with an additional minimum of three years experience in responsible charge of fire protection engineering work, or equivalent experience in practice. This is the professional practice grade of membership. Only Professional Members and Fellows are authorized and encouraged to use the special SFPE Logo on their business cards. This special Logo can be downloaded from the member only section of the SFPE website.

Initially you join SFPE as an Affiliate, you can then upgrade to either Associate or Professional Member grade. The Qualifications Board reviews applications for upgrading on a quarterly basis.

Membership of IPENZ

Membership of the NZ Chapter as a Friend does not qualify as membership of IPENZ in any way. Friends who are not members of IPENZ are not entitled to use post nominals such as MIPENZ in recognition of their Chapter membership. Further information about membership of IPENZ is available here.

Chartered Professional Engineer

Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) is the most important quality mark attesting to the current competence of a professional engineer in New Zealand. It is a statutory title under the Chartered Professional Engineers Act of New Zealand 2002.

In New Zealand the title CPEng can be used only by engineers on the CPEng register administered by IPENZ as the Registration Authority under the Act. Registration is gained by demonstrating competence, which is re-assessed for currency at intervals not exceeding five years.

Chartered Professional Engineers are assessed for competence in the practice area they have chosen; practice areas are particular to each CPEng, and may include unique mixes of competencies. The Chartered Professional Engineers’ code of ethical conduct requires that CPEngs work only within their competence – they must refuse to undertake any proposed work that lies outside their area of expertise.

The CPEng register is available to the public and can be searched online. Further information, including a link to search the CPEng register is available from the IPENZ website here.

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