Download NZ Chapter membership application form

To apply for membership of the NZ Chapter, please complete the application form (type or hand-write in block capitals) and email it to the Secretary or post it to:

SFPE NZ Chapter
PO Box 91511
Victoria St West Auckland

Do not send payment with your application, IPENZ will contact you to confirm the amount you need to pay, as this varies depending on your other IPENZ memberships.

Applications for membership to SFPE must be made direct to the USA. For further information is available here. The NZ Chapter can assist with information. Contact the Secretary for details.

NZ Chapter dues

NZ Chapter dues are waived for full time student members.

NZ Chapter membership dues are paid annually in advance and are additional to membership of SFPE and IPENZ. The Chapter financial year is from 1 October to 30 September. Total dues payable include the IPENZ Service Centre fee and therefore depend on other IPENZ memberships. NZ Chapter dues are currently $35.00* (excluding IPENZ Service Centre fee and GST). This rate is set annually at the Chapter Annual General Meeting in November and is therefore subject to change. If in doubt about the rate that applies to you, contact the Secretary.